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1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Receive a personalized plan with portion control guidelines tailored to your goals, 1:1 monthly virtual coaching sessions, and weekly check-ins. Start with a FREE 30 minute Initial consultation!


Group Nutrition Coaching

Join a group of your peers with similar healthy-eating goals. This three month program will give you the foundation for sustainable food choices - without counting calories or macros. Grow your knowledge of nutrition and see results with us!

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Why Group Nutrition Coaching?

This group will give you the tools and knowledge to help you understand how to properly fuel your body for your goals! Feel confident and empowered in your relationship with food. Ditch the diet mentality and get rid of those “do not eat” lists. We’ll discuss practical ways to use food to live an energetic life.

What People Are Saying

I have tried/bought numerous workout and nutrition guides but nothing ever stuck. What I love about Hannah’s system is how she teaches you a lifestyle without you even knowing it. I find myself making healthier decisions, not because I have to, but I want to. Her program is sustainable and I will have the resources she has taught me forever.

Alexa B. (Michigan)

Hannah's nutrition program has been incredibly helpful for me this summer. All the information provided week-by-week has taught me so much and I will continually apply it moving forward after the program ends. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to make improvements, wanting to learn more about nutrition/health, and just staying on track in general.

Tabitha E. (Texas)

If you want someone who is motivational, super supportive, adjusts to your individuality, listens to your concerns, and continues to inspire you to be the best version of yourself - Hannah is the one for you! The personalized nutrition guide that she provides has not left my side since starting with her and it has been extremely helpful in getting me to my goals.

Sarah S (Texas)



I joined one of Hannah’s online nutrition groups and learned so much! She is very kind, passionate about health and nutrition (and helping others!), and a well of knowledge! You will be glad you decided to work with her :)

Devon H. (Texas)

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Duration & Overview

Next Program Dates:

3/1/24 - 5/11/24

Sustainable habits and progress take time, and I believe you will see a major difference in both within these three months. Participants will use their own goals to determine their specific nutrition plan. With a collaborative group approach, we will focus each week on a different aspect of mindset, nutrition, and and practical applications.

Group Nutrition is only offered 1-2 times per year - be sure to register before the window closes on March 3rd!

Group Format & Materials

The group will be conducted over Mighty Networks, our social posting platform. Here you will find:

- A 3 Month Calendar Overview

- Welcome Packet with Personal Portion Calculations

- 6 Live Coaching Q&A Sessions

- Weekly Focus & Lessons

- Individual Check-ins

- Recipe Resources

- Educational Videos

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    • Personalized Plan, Monthly Zoom Session, Weekly Check In's
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